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About GrillAdvise

GrillAdvise was created by a group of the the most passionate chefs and BBQ enthusiasts who have spent mind-boggling time in buying, testing, and reviewing grills for decades.

We at GrillAdvise have thoroughly researched for the best, latest grills available in the market presently, so that you can save your time searching online and spend your time with your bbq!


How to choose your ideal barbecue grill?

The backyard barbecue is essentially the symbolic part of the American household. The success of your meal often comes down to the quality of your grill, no matter how carefully you select and prepare the foods you serve.

The market has a grill to fit every cooking style and budget; be it a first-time buyer or a grill master looking to expand or upgrade your grill arsenal. Grills offer varying options for every need — from portable ones which you can take camping to larger grills for a family meal or a party.

You usually don't buy a grill every month or year. A grill is an investment for years. So, it's crucial to analyse the product you're putting your hard cash into so that you can get the best grills for your barbecue in 2018.

When it comes to making the ideal choice for your barbecue grill, the market offers you a mind-boggling list of options for the grills on sale. You might sometimes be left perplexed, but the limitless choices of all these different types, styles, price and capability ranges make it a paradise for us grillers.

What Makes a Good Grill?


The first thing to be determined is the budget. How much do you want to invest into your barbecue? You're offered with a multitude of prices and ranges for your barbecue.

The price of your grill will determine two things in the choice of barbecue, the quality of the components and the feature-options included in the barbecue.


What kind of fuel do you want to use? Propane, natural gas, charcoal or wood pellets.

Cooking Surface Area

What size of cooking surface do you need? Many choices are offered, there are barbecues for all tastes!

Different Types of Grills — Select Your Ideal One

Gas Grills

You have to consider several points to settle for gas grills:—

Check the quality of the burners—the best burners on the market are the stainless steel tubes. Usually these are guaranteed one for a period of 10 years. You thought cast iron was the best? Think again! Unless you are a fan of burner cleaning. They get dirty more easily, the holes get clogged, letting the gas out freely so that you have replace them faster.

Most barbecues have bars/flame tamers when it comes to heat transfer. Obviously stainless steel tamers are popular. Some barbecues have ceramic, they distribute the heat well if they are properly installed, but it is necessary to check the condition regularly because they tend to disintegrate. Some of them are much more durable than others, it will depend on the quality of the ceramic.

With respect to the number of BTUs, the quality of the device and the price will often determine the number of BTU on the grill. Manufacturers are doing more research and development on BBQs which gives us more airtight devices that better use the heat and distribute it more evenly in the barbecue.

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